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Written by Tara Mock   
Tuesday, 14 October 2008 14:22

Proverbs 27:9
Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of one’s friend springs from his earnest counsel.

On the worst of my days of PPD, I wanted to crawl in hole, bury my head, and not come out for awhile.  I would not answer the phone, answer emails, or carry on long conversations.  I wanted to retreat from the world.  It is easy to do, believe me, I know! 

But in order to get better, it is necessary to take baby steps to get out there and those baby steps of mine were helped along by my girlfriends.  Oh, what a blessing they were to me! 

  • Caring for me and my baby when I was not sure what to do next, when I had no confidence in my mothering abilities, and when I had questions. 
  • Taking me out for dinner, dessert, coffee, movies, walks, and encouragement to go back to church.
  • Encouraging me that I was doing a great job as a mom and that they could clearly see the improvements in my mental health even when I could not.
  • Just listening.
  • Laughing with me.
  • Letting me learn what is normal in parenting.
  • Praying for me and with me.
  • Never telling me I was doing anything wrong or never had enough faith.  I love them for that!

The list could go on and on!  Our girlfriends are precious and I think its absolutely necessary to reach out to them and let them know they are needed and to let them help you.  If you are a girlfriend, the suggestions above are great ways to help out.   Reach out, be persistent.  We are not meant to walk this life alone, and this includes PPD.


Get Help Now...

If you or a loved one are experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts, please contact your local emergency services or physician immediately. In addition, mother and baby should not be left alone! Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE



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